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A clean, fresh, and well presented office is vital for any business - especially those that deal face to face with customers! However cleaning can be time consuming with hours of your time spent on cleaning when you should be working on your business and increasing productivity.


Why Professional Cleaning Systems?

  • Professional service: Professionally trained and loyal staff will always do a quality job. We also supply and use all of our own cleaning equipment.


  • Satisfaction: Our professional cleaning specialists are dedicated to providing excellent cleaning and exceptional customer service every time.


  • Convenience: You don’t have to provide a thing as we use our own specialized equipment and cleaning chemicals and use environmentally safe and green chemicals wherever possible.


  • Value For Money: Prompt, professional and quality services. Professional Cleaning Systems offer no-obligation quotes at your workplace, to give you an accurate and fair price.


  • Trustworthy: Trust takes years to build and can be lost in a minute. Professional staff are delibrately vetted and go through rigorous background checks to ensure staff meets the required qualities and values that align with our company's values. That means keeping promises, maintaining relationships, following through on commitments, keeping your word and not cutting corners.



If you work in a one-story building, cleaning your own windows can be time consuming and annoying. If you work in a high rise building, cleaning your own windows can be down-right dangerous. This is where hiring a professional window cleaning company can help! 


When it comes to hiring a full service janitorial and cleaning service, you can depend on our experience.



Carpets, hardwood, tile and vinyl flooring show signs of wear over time. Even with routine care, high traffic areas become dull and scuffed. Floor and carpet cleaning is essential to keep your business or workplace smelling clean. While different techniques are needed for various flooring, Professional Cleaning Systems has more than 40 years of cleaning and floor care experience. We can assess which cleaning products and techniques will work best for your carpet or flooring.



Transform the appearance of your business or office with commercial carpet cleaning. We can make your dirty and tired looking carpets look brighter, fresher and smelling great!


Professional Cleaning Systems has a wide range of equipment plus technicians available and ready to tackle any job.

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